Radiative Heating of a Glass Plate
MathematicS In Action, Volume 5 (2012) no. 1, pp. 1-30.

This paper aims to prove existence and uniqueness of a solution to the coupling of a nonlinear heat equation with nonlinear boundary conditions with the exact radiative transfer equation, assuming the absorption coefficient κ(λ) to be piecewise constant and null for small values of the wavelength λ as in the paper of N. Siedow, T. Grosan, D. Lochegnies, E. Romero, “Application of a New Method for Radiative Heat Tranfer to Flat Glass Tempering”, J. Am. Ceram. Soc., 88(8):2181-2187 (2005). An important observation is that for a fixed value of the wavelength λ, Planck function is a Lipschitz function with respect to the temperature. Using this fact, we deduce that the solution is at most unique. To prove existence of a solution, we define a fixed point problem related to our initial boundary value problem to which we apply Schauder theorem in a closed convex subset of the Banach separable space L 2 (0,t f ;C([0,l])). We use also Stampacchia truncation method to derive lower and upper bounds on the solution.

Published online:
DOI: 10.5802/msia.6
Classification: 35K20, 35K55, 35K58, 35K90, 35Q20, 35Q60, 35Q80
Keywords: elementary pencil of rays, Planck function, radiative transfer equation, glass plate, nonlinear heat-conduction equation, Stampacchia truncation method, Schauder theorem, Vitali theorem.
Luc Paquet 1; Raouf El Cheikh 2; Dominique Lochegnies 2; Norbert Siedow 3

1 Univ. Lille Nord de France UVHC-ISTV, LAMAV-EDP FR no 2956, 59313 Valenciennes, France (Author to whom all correspondence should be addressed)
2 Univ. Lille Nord de France UVHC-ISTV, TEMPO, 59313 Valenciennes, France
3 Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Mathematics, ITWM, 67663 Kaiserlautern, Germany
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AU  - Luc Paquet
AU  - Raouf El Cheikh
AU  - Dominique Lochegnies
AU  - Norbert Siedow
TI  - Radiative Heating of a Glass Plate
JO  - MathematicS In Action
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%0 Journal Article
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%A Dominique Lochegnies
%A Norbert Siedow
%T Radiative Heating of a Glass Plate
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Luc Paquet; Raouf El Cheikh; Dominique Lochegnies; Norbert Siedow. Radiative Heating of a Glass Plate. MathematicS In Action, Volume 5 (2012) no. 1, pp. 1-30. doi : 10.5802/msia.6. https://msia.centre-mersenne.org/articles/10.5802/msia.6/

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